Vacancies arising are advertised through our site. Only applications send through the prescribed form will be accepted. E-mail applications are not considered.


Candidates will be called for test/interview in different batches on different dates and will be informed over Email/Mobile provided in the application. Candidates should not call us to enquire status. Email application will not be considered. Application can also be submitted directly or through post to Duke Soft.
Duke soft does not charge any fee at any stage of recruitment process. Duke Soft has not authorized any agency/partner/individual to collect any fee for recruitment!

Work environment

As in any other firm, our employees are our most important asset. Our employees skills and expertise are converted into products, that we sell. Our strength is technically qualified & experienced professionals. We follow both functional & technical hierarchy in office. Every body is bound to report to those above them in the hierarchy. A person who is above another person in the functional hierarchy may not be necessarily above in the technical hierarchy, Hence a person in the top position functionally may be reporting technically to a person in the lower position.

Our office functions as a knowledge hub both for customers as well as employees. We make use of all the latest technologies like biometric entry, optical fiber connection, surveillance cameras, overhead projector & a mini telephone exchange with 30 lines. We have tried to incorporate as much automation as possible in our day to day functioning.

Duke soft functions as 4 departments. these departments are independent as well as inter related. The departments are as follows :-


From targeting a potential client to finalizing the order is done by this team. After identifying the client through field work, & telemarketing or through contacts, the trainee/junior marketing executive fixes the appointment for the senior marketing executive for a demonstration of the product. Then its followed up by quotation & terms and conditions of the firm. And when the order is finalized. The order form signed by the customer is handed over to the customer support division with all the necessary details. Customer support division takes over from there. Marketing manager supervises & guides his group. Our software Visit is specifically designed to help the marketing team in follow-ups of the customer.

Customer Support Division

On receipt of the order form the details of the customer including the route to the customer site are entered in the package called Customer Follow-up System( CFS). The customer is then informed the date of installation of software. Training and Technical support is provided according to the necessity of the customer. Technical support is provided by telephone, internet or visit to the site depending upon the necessity.

Development Division

A team of system analysts under the leadership of their project leader is constantly working to bring out new products and update the existing products with the latest technology available. Meanwhile programmers constantly refer to the changes suggested by customers and if technically feasible, include it in the existing packages. All the teams are monitored by the project manager.

Accounts Consultancy Division

Since the Chartered Accountants of our customers do not get time to solve the minor accounting problems, our customers call us more for their accounting related problems than for the software related problems. Even though solving these problems are not a part of our software support, to ensure the smooth functioning of the work at our customer sites we provide accounts consultancy. This division takes care of the accounting problems caused by the wrong entries done by the users, especially during the year end pre audit checking.


The new employees are given initially a thorough training in our products as well as in office etiquette & in dealing with the customers. On the first day , they are briefed about the office rules and given an insight into the functioning of the office, and the nature of their work, by the Personnel manager. Training also includes a practical accountancy class by the CEO himself, as accountancy forms the base of almost all our products. Then they are given the demonstration of the software packages. After the initial training, they are sent to customer sites with the light jobs to gain practical experience. Trainees are put to work on different products depending on their caliber. Seniors are always there to guide them in their work. They are given printed tutorials on all packages, so that with a start from seniors, they know how they are to proceed on each package. The trainees are also provided with dummy data for corrections.

Office Functioning

Office timings are from 8.45 to 5, (5 days (9.30-5)a week for customers & 6 days for employees). Employees are to be in the office at 8.40 am daily to get ready to go to customer sites & also to attend phone calls by 9.30 am in the morning. Saturdays are the most important day for us. On Saturdays employees have to report to office at 8 am. Our day then starts with official meeting, where important decisions are conveyed, briefing by the Personnel Manager & CEO & if necessary, managers also brief the employees about the improvements to be done in different areas. There is also an informal session where employees share funny incidents at customer site or even something that has happened in their life in the course of the week. Complaints & compliments are taken care of at this time. There is also ‘Do it Sweet’ time where we share little joys in our life (like an engagement, birth of a child etc:) by distributing yummy goodies. Then we get on to serious business of learning & training. The Employees are trained in the modifications done by the programmers in software packages. Product demonstrations are also given during this period.

Social Cause

Though we work like machines, with machines & latest technologies, we still retain old fashioned humane qualities within in us. We care for nature & fellow human beings. Our environment friendly issues include doing our bit by using CFL lamps as far as possible, conserving energy by putting off lights & fans when not necessary, etc. Also we educate employees on the necessity of conserving water & energy.


Although our commitment to customers leave us with hardly any time for entertainment, we surely believe in the dictum that "All work & no play make Jack a dull boy". So to overcome this dullness we celebrate major festivals like Onam, Christmas and New Year. But the most important event on our entertainment calendar is of course our yearly.

We plan our outing to some resort, where we spend the whole day, right from early morning till late evening. The day is marked by games skits, sports and of course sumptuous breakfast and lunch. Every one ignoring rank and position, takes part in all the activities.

Onam is of course celebrated with fervor, Each year we celebrate Onam differently. We have had 'pookalam' competition, cooking competition or some other form of entertainment either in the office or at any resort or hotel, followed by Onamsadya.

Mid December sees us decking our hall with X'Mas tree & preparing for the great celebration. Christmas eve is celebrated with X'mas songs, cake cutting and exchanging gifts.

And of course, in between these celebrations, we get together once in a while on a Saturday for lunch in a restaurant.

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