This is generalized software for wholesale medical shop that is conceptually different from PHARMA. Here speed of reports is given more importance than speed of billing.

Availabe E-Commerce Module for online ordering for retailers

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Kerala Flood Cess (KFC) Enabled
GST Enabled.
Batch selection provided in Billing.
Credit note and Debit note adjustment in Billing.
Stock addition can be done during bill entry.
Easy on screen bill correction.
Customer follow up. (Customer outstanding & customer ledger provided.)
Daily collection summary report showing net cash, credit sales, cash sales, receipts, cancellation, tax sales, non tax sales, vat and cess for verification.
Monthly summary for sales, credit sales, receipts, purchase and comparison with in no time.
Free issued report of company wise items. ( Details / Summary )
Stock ledger with Opening stock.
Stock & sales reports with previous month sales.
Area wise, Customer wise detail sales report of company for a period.
Item wise, Customer wise, Area wise sales report.
Purchase report for verification.
Expiry due report for any date.
Due Bills report.
Quick summary for sales & purchase company wise, company wise product wise, supplier wise, supplier wise product wise with number of option in no time.
Flexible purchase returned sales resume option.
Interface facility with FACS (Financial ACcounting System).

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