Enterprise Management System

This is a generalized package for the use of any trading concern, for which customization can be provided to suit a particular type of business. This has been developed in Visual Basic with MS ACCESS. The most important feature of this package is that we have stand-alone and server independent version separately. In server independent version, the billing on any connected machine in the network will not be affected even if the main server machine is switched off or does not work. The stock updating to the server can be done as online when the server is active and can be done off-line also.


Kerala Flood Cess (KFC) Enabled
GST Enabled
Counter wise server independent Billing ( i.e.: Billing in counter machine can be done even when server machine is down ).
Salesman wise sales report.
Daily collection summary report showing net cash, refund, credit sales, cancellation etc. for verification.
Monthly summary report of sales & purchase etc.
Monthly, Weekly reports are provided in text format and in graphical representation.
Department wise - item wise profit statement.
Online view of daily sales and other activities.
Online stock updation version for single machine customer also provided.
Efficient user grant control.
Interface facility with FACS(Financial Accounting System).

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